hancastillo (hancastillo) wrote in conesoldstober,

i hope im not too late!!!

 i joined livejournal just so i can post something here in conesoldstober. gaaah that's how much i love howl's moving castle.

the first enrty on this community was dated in 2005. im posting this after almost  6 years. i hope im not too late hahaha!!!

Name: hannah castillo

Location: manila, philippines
Sex: female
How you descovered Howl: i really like miyazaki movies such as spirited away and kiki' s delivery service. so i stumbled upon his version of howl's moving castle. i watched it, and i liked it. soon i discovered that it was based on a novel by diana wynne jones. since i read books myself (though not too much on the fantasy genre) i decided to buy the book and give it  a go. i realized that most of the novel was different from the movie. i loved the novel more  than the movie! though i had a hard time reading and imagining the novel since im too prejudiced by the movie.

at first i said to myself that i wont buy the next two books, since i thought that maybe the novel isnt as good as the movie. but then i was wrong and ended up buying cita and homw. then again i was quite disappointed for howl ans sophie scenes were few. :(

Favourite line:tons! buy what really struck me the most was this: (this might be innacurate...i dont have the copy with me at the monent :| )
     sophie: but what about miss agorian?
     howl: dont you get it? miss angorian is the fire demon.
i loved this part since it's more of the epiphany of the whole howl-sophie budding romance. i went "oooh! i seeee" when i soon realized that howl didnt care for his apperance just so he can save sophie, not the other, 
since there's really no "miss angorian"
Other fandoms you are part of: right now? sorry, my world revolves around hmc at the moment XD

Favourite food: jellybeans, egg pies, pizza

If you were an animal you would be: a red fox
i read howl's moving castle three times just to get everything in order in my head, for  im not used to dwj's style of writing. though i must admit i became a fan of her style...she made me think and use my brain, since there were tons of things that needed to be deciphered in the story. plus, i loved it when howl and sophie's love for each other was not blatantly narrated. you really have to figure out things for yourself, and i think it's one of the most magical aspects of reading howl's moving castle :D

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