So I've joined this community, :3

My intro

Hello! My name is Jovie and I'm an incredibly HUGE fan of Howl!! -'s Moving Castle. But mostly Howl 😉 I'm a girl, y'all, and I live in California in the U S OF AAAAAA

-*How I discovered Howl*-
(And his castle I suppose)

I can't even explain how much I loooove Howl's Moving Castle!! I discovered it when I was pretty young; my aunt gave it to me for Christmas. I read it, but never finished it and didn't think of it. Well fast forward years later, my younger brother asks me to read the book out loud to him. I did...and got to rediscover the magic of this wonderful book! I'm actually going to see the movie this Saturday with my brother (January 4, 2020) now that I finished reading it to him. I also ordered Castle in the Air; it should be here soon *shrug*.

-*My favorite line*-

I saw someone else do this, so why not? Hands DOWN my favorite line is... Cliché on this community... I'm assuming...
Howl saying "I assure you my friends I am cone sold stober." howl is hot when drunk
Lol...gtg... And I looove the name of this community!! Glad to be here,


i hope im not too late!!!

 i joined livejournal just so i can post something here in conesoldstober. gaaah that's how much i love howl's moving castle.

the first enrty on this community was dated in 2005. im posting this after almost  6 years. i hope im not too late hahaha!!!

Name: hannah castillo

Location: manila, philippines
Sex: female
How you descovered Howl: i really like miyazaki movies such as spirited away and kiki' s delivery service. so i stumbled upon his version of howl's moving castle. i watched it, and i liked it. soon i discovered that it was based on a novel by diana wynne jones. since i read books myself (though not too much on the fantasy genre) i decided to buy the book and give it  a go. i realized that most of the novel was different from the movie. i loved the novel more  than the movie! though i had a hard time reading and imagining the novel since im too prejudiced by the movie.

at first i said to myself that i wont buy the next two books, since i thought that maybe the novel isnt as good as the movie. but then i was wrong and ended up buying cita and homw. then again i was quite disappointed for howl ans sophie scenes were few. :(

Favourite line:tons! buy what really struck me the most was this: (this might be innacurate...i dont have the copy with me at the monent :| )
     sophie: but what about miss agorian?
     howl: dont you get it? miss angorian is the fire demon.
i loved this part since it's more of the epiphany of the whole howl-sophie budding romance. i went "oooh! i seeee" when i soon realized that howl didnt care for his apperance just so he can save sophie, not the other, 
since there's really no "miss angorian"
Other fandoms you are part of: right now? sorry, my world revolves around hmc at the moment XD

Favourite food: jellybeans, egg pies, pizza

If you were an animal you would be: a red fox
i read howl's moving castle three times just to get everything in order in my head, for  im not used to dwj's style of writing. though i must admit i became a fan of her style...she made me think and use my brain, since there were tons of things that needed to be deciphered in the story. plus, i loved it when howl and sophie's love for each other was not blatantly narrated. you really have to figure out things for yourself, and i think it's one of the most magical aspects of reading howl's moving castle :D


in which there is epic win

Hello everyone! I finally discovered the HMC books. I of course read HMC, and I also read House of Many Ways (which I think was quite possibly better in terms of storytelling, although I was disappointed that there was very little adult!Howl). I have Castle in the Air but have yet to start reading it.

Something occurred to me when I finished reading these two books. HoMW takes place 3 years after HMC, right? But Morgan is 2 years old. So basically when Sophie decided to stay with Howl, they got married and she got pregnant right away? Considering she spent most of their time being old, Howl got on that pretty fast.

Also, the name of this comm makes me happier than I can describe.
adorable Haruhi X3

In Which Fanfiction is Pimped...

Woah! O.O This community seems to be a bit slow?
So anyway, I come bearing my first HMC fanfiction. It's one of those hideous fanfics that leaves off after the end of the book...

Title: Up Against My Heart
Rating: G?
Pairing: Howl x Sophie
Genre: Humor...
Summary: Sophie discovers that saving Howl's heart was the easy part. A heart is, of course, a very heavy burden to bear.

I've had it posted for a while, but didn't join this community until today X3
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House of Many Ways

No spoilers in this post, and please try to keep them out of the comments for now. Maybe later there can be another post for comments and discussion with marked spoilers?

So! It's been out about ten days now. I finally picked up my copy of it after dinner this evening. Has anyone else read it yet?

I'm only at Chapter 4 so far, so I really can't say much about it one way or another, although I think it will be entertaining and I am liking it very much so far.

There was some talk about this third book in the series when it was first announced several months ago, but I half-expected people to have started chatting about it already.

I'm just curious about who's gotten the book yet and who plans to get it, because I clearly can't be the only one who has it already. Although it makes me wish my copies of Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air were in hardcover too. My inner compulsiveness is crying about the lack of a matched set.
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Ireland by the sea

The eternal search for "That fic I read that one time"

I know, I know, another person whining about a fic they can't find. But I am here today to ask you fine people if any of you know where to find, yes, a fic I read once.

I don't remember much. But what I can remember: Sophie and Howl are married, Sophie is expecting; Howl and Sophie go to Wales; in Wales he takes her to a curry shop and then to his pub (where they only speak Welsh) so he can watch rugby; there is a fair bit of Welsh spoken.

I'm studying Welsh on my own, and thought htis might be a fun way to further my reading skills.

ETA: Found! A thousand humble thanks!
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In Which This One Takes A Long Shot, And Crosses He Fingers

Sorry for any spamming I may be doing of f-lists, I'll keep this short. And please delete if this isn't okay.

Hello, I go by Rena and am a long time fan of Howl's Moving Castle. I have a friend who is also a big fan, and I'm on a little quest for her. She's looking for a Megan Parry RPer, for her dear Howl~ The RP in question is a multifandom one, lots of craziness to be had, and plenty of fun events :D For example Howl just ended up in Saix from Kingdom Heart body, and Clow from Card Captors Sakura with his.

So, does someone to play the dear sister exist? Or will this quest end in failure. I can be contacted here or by AIM on GwencrossEE

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