Made of iLiner (aurora_requiem) wrote in conesoldstober,
Made of iLiner

in which there is epic win

Hello everyone! I finally discovered the HMC books. I of course read HMC, and I also read House of Many Ways (which I think was quite possibly better in terms of storytelling, although I was disappointed that there was very little adult!Howl). I have Castle in the Air but have yet to start reading it.

Something occurred to me when I finished reading these two books. HoMW takes place 3 years after HMC, right? But Morgan is 2 years old. So basically when Sophie decided to stay with Howl, they got married and she got pregnant right away? Considering she spent most of their time being old, Howl got on that pretty fast.

Also, the name of this comm makes me happier than I can describe.
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