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In Which This One Takes A Long Shot, And Crosses He Fingers

Sorry for any spamming I may be doing of f-lists, I'll keep this short. And please delete if this isn't okay.

Hello, I go by Rena and am a long time fan of Howl's Moving Castle. I have a friend who is also a big fan, and I'm on a little quest for her. She's looking for a Megan Parry RPer, for her dear Howl~ The RP in question is a multifandom one, lots of craziness to be had, and plenty of fun events :D For example Howl just ended up in Saix from Kingdom Heart body, and Clow from Card Captors Sakura with his.

So, does someone to play the dear sister exist? Or will this quest end in failure. I can be contacted here or by AIM on GwencrossEE

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