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Mmm... Gareth

Hello all! I was just sitting around pondering something I'm sure everyone here has thought of. If someone were to make a live-action version of Howl's Moving Castle, who would play each character? Most importantly, who would play Howl? Well, thanks to my new favourite BBC show, Torchwood, I have become familiarized with a few more Welsh actors (because Howl MUST be Welsh. Come on). Then one day it hit me, why not my favourite Torchwood receptionist pretty-boy, Gareth David-Lloyd.

Now, anyone familar with Torchwood knows Gareth as the introverted secretary with a tortured soul we all know and love.

Yes, he's pretty. But is he Howl?

I doubted myself until I saw him on Absolute Power that aired a couple of years ago that someone was kind enough to put on YouTube. And oh boy! Not only is he blond, but he's cocky, sexy, and sure of himself. A perfect Howl.

He also does a great eyebrow cock that's pure sex, and seems so Howl.

Anyhoo. Thoughts?

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