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I'm new to this community and to Livejournal, and I come bearing a short bit of writing. It's a ten-years-later sort of thing, born of a momentary fancy of what Howl would do with a daughter who turns out to be a heartbreaker just like her father. I might elaborate on the idea at a later date, but for now simply read and let me know what you think.

"I don't like it, Sophie." The flaxen strands of hair fell into Howl's face as he slouched over the table, chin resting on his hand with a horribly sulky demeanor. "All those boys knocking at the door at all hours, fawning over her as though she were some sort of tart- It's not right, the way she leads them on. Something's going to happen to her, a jealous beau might do something drastic!"
Sophie couldn't help but smile at that, turning the bacon in the pan as she weighed the options of her response. "She's only eleven, Howl. She doesn't have 'beaus' yet, at least I should hope not. Where do you think she gained her taste for breaking hearts, exactly?"

The wizard shifted slightly, doing his best not to show his discomfort as he responded. "It's not the same thing. She's-"
"It very well is the same thing!" She served the breakfast expertly, hanging the pan up beside the stove with a huff.
Calfcifer, quite finished with the cooking, had straightened up enough to put in his two cents."She's definitely inherited that part of your personality."
"Don't team up on me, it's not fair in the least." Despite the fact they had been married for ten years, Sophie still found herself somewhat irritated by the immaturity her husband often displayed. She set his plate before him, setting the fork down a bit harder than was necessary before taking her own seat across from him.
"Don't start being an overprotective father when you did far worse to girls when you were that age, and you-"

Howl stood as a knock came at the door, Calcifer's declaration of Market Chipping barely acknowledged. "That's just the problem, Sophie! I know what they're thinking, and all boys that age want the same thing!" He descended the steps quickly, flinging open the door with a cricket bat that had just appeared in hand. "Get off my doorstep, you little scat! If you come within a block of my daughter again, I'll make sure you can't sit for a week!"

Sophie sighed, shaking her head as she cut into her bacon. "He's never going to realize how horribly ironic this is, will he?"
Calcifer nodded, grabbing a log and pulling it onto the grate. "Just wait until she's of age to be married. We may get to see him slime up the floor for the occasion."
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