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er ... hi?

*peeks in a bit nervously and takes a deep breath*

Well. Since I made it over here, I thought I'd better say hi and see how it goes. So.

I'm shiiki, as is probably obvious from that little user name on the right. I'm quite new to Howl's Moving Castle, having first watched the movie a little while ago and only read the book a week before Christmas. I have to say, though, I fell instantly in love with all of it, so much so that I started Googling it and found this little community here!

A bit more about me: I'm a first-year Accountancy student at university; an athlete as well (my sport is sailing) and generally my fandom (in which I read and write and beta) is Harry Potter. I'm quite excited about coming to the HMC part, though, and I'd love to read more HMC fics, so if anyone can recommend some, that'd be great!

Well, that's about it. :)
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